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Who We Are

Fluctuations in the global economy have challenged the dominant environmental assessment, remediation and reclamation model.  Evotek was conceptualized as an alternative to the status quo, utilizing experienced and well-trained field personnel. However, we understand that all consultants start at the beginning, eager to learn and develop their careers.  In order to be competitive while maintaining high quality deliverables, Evotek has implemented a strong training and mentorship program within the company.  Our senior consulting team spends significant time both in office and field settings with junior and intermediate staff to ensure proper safety and decision-making skills are developed and maintained. Evotek consultants can safely adjust work plans in real time to minimize return trips and move sites forward in an effective and efficient manner. Evotek has built a team comprised of strategic strengths and technical backgrounds enabling us to complete both simple and complex assessment, remediation and reclamation projects.

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With decades of combined experience and expertise, Evotek can complete efficient soil and groundwater assessments varying from simple to very complex. We are able to plan and gather data required to complete Tier 2 pathway/receptor elimination and modification, SST assessments, groundwater modelling and risk management plans. At Evotek, we combine our insights and skills to integrate new technologies which streamline assessments and reduce costs to better serve our clients.


With over 30 years of hydrogeology expertise on our team, Evotek has an integrated understanding of how groundwater, soil and bedrock interconnect and can provide a broad range of solutions for dealing with both routine and complex groundwater issues. Our approach uses groundwater monitoring, evaluation, design of extraction systems, numerical modelling and the application of site-specific risk-based guidelines to find optimal solutions and determine practical outcomes that satisfy both client and regulator needs.



Evotek personnel have completed hundreds of remediation projects throughout western Canada.  We have successfully implemented multiple remediation methodologies, both ex-situ and in-situ, including dig-and-dump, bioremediation, amendments, groundwater extraction with both treatment and disposal, soil vapour extraction, chemical injection, and electrokinetics.  Past remediation projects have varied in complexity and size ranging from small 50 m3 well centre excavations to large scale 50,000 m3 soil treatment projects varying in cost from $15,000 to $2,500,000.  Evotek also specializes in groundwater recovery and treatment. We are currently planning, assessing, and remediating a large chloride spill including the installation and monitoring of the groundwater extraction system, and modelling groundwater for the risk management plan.


Evotek personnel have completed hundreds of reclamation projects on forested, agricultural, and native-prairie lands. We have completed simple topsoil touch-ups to large cut and fill reclamation projects returning the land to its original condition.  However, reclaiming lands to pre-disturbance conditions is not always the best and most cost-effective option.  Evotek has the experience and knowledge to identify sites where a variance in land use may be applicable.  We evaluate historical and current site data to provide cost-effective and regulator approved reclamation plans and achieve final reclamation certificates.

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LMR Optimization

Under the Licence Liability Rating (LLR) program the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) calculates a Liability Management Rating (LMR) expressed as a ratio of deemed assets to deemed liabilities. Once established, a security is required as determined by the LMR with the intent to minimize risk of an unfunded liability being transferred to the Orphan Fund. While well intended, very few professional consulting firms understand the impact that site-specific risk-based assessments can have in reducing deemed remedial liability. Our understanding of the LLR program allows us to complete an overall assessment of your liability portfolio and identify sites where focused assessment and/or remediation can cost effectively reduce your LMR.

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